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Fridays from 5:30am to 6:30pm at Crossfit 061 starting Mar 20, 2015
Saturdays from 9:00am to 12:00pm at Crossfit 061 starting May 25, 2013
Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 5:30am to 8:00pm at Crossfit 061 starting Mar 16, 2015
  • We are located off of Bittersweet on Industrial Drive. We are the 2nd building on the left hand side.


CrossFit Classes $15 per classFrom $14 per visit with 10 class Punch Card passA credit card is required to enroll but isn't charged until the time of service.

CrossFit Classes

CrossFit Kids $40Purchase required to enroll

CFK: This Kids class is for ages 7-12 years old and is designed to build on the foundation of FUN. The skills addressed include the majority of CrossFit’s foundational and auxiliary movements and the time frame is intended to accommodate the developing abilities of kids in grades K-6. The goal of the CrossFit Kids program is develop and improve general physical fitness in order to prepare kids to be safe in sports (and life in general). Despite the increased physical demands of the class, the focus of the Kids program is still on fun.

Our class meets once a week on Tuesdays from 4:15 - 5:00 pm. Your account is auto billed the 1st of every month in order to pay for classes.

CFK Home School ( Age 5-10) $50Purchase required to enroll

CFT Home School ( Age 11-18) $50Purchase required to enroll

One on One Training

One on One Training $75 per appointmentFrom $50 per visit with 8 Personal Training Sessions passPurchase required to enroll

individual 60 minute personal training session


Beginners Nutrition Coaching $200 per appointment$85No purchase required to enroll

this service is designed for nutritional guidance over a 30 day period.

- clean up eating habits
- learn what to eat, when to eat & Why

Nutritional Goal Setting Consultation $60 per appointment$85No purchase required to enroll

One hour nutritional goal setting consultation

Performance Nutrition Coaching $275 per appointment$85No purchase required to enroll

Do you want to eat for performance? We will help you discover the foods you should be eating along with the timing of specific macronutrients. You will receive support from your coach over the 60 day period through weekly food journal reviews along with a comprehensive Email review with coaches notes. Before & After Pictures along with measurements will be taken.

Grocery Store Tour $75 per appointment$85No purchase required to enroll

60 minute Grocery shopping tour
- You choose the store

Pantry & Fridge Clean Out $85 per appointment$85No purchase required to enroll

Invite Coach Chelssie into your home to help clean out the foods that are causing you to derail from your personal or families overall health goals. We will discuss what foods can serve as replacements to the ones we are tossing out and why the need to get rid of them, this is great for the whole family to be involved.

One on One Weekly Meal Prep $100 per appointment$85No purchase required to enroll

Coach Chelssie will come into your home and help you learn the best meal prep practices along with sharing a few recipes while helping you understand just how easy it is to make quick and healthy meals to fit not only your goals but also clean up the families eating habits.

You will start earning back hours in your day by setting aside time for a "prep day" and learn how to create meals that are easy and quick to grab during stressful times or busy schedules.

21 Day Real Food Reset $75Purchase required to enroll

Are you ready to focus on quality protein, healthy fats and good carb sources? Let us help you change the foods you eat every day as you gain a new understanding of how different nutrients work in your body and just how much nutrition affects your entire life!

Over a period of 21 days we want to help provide you with information to make lasting change as you develop new habits and fight against Sugar & Carb Cravings.
This Program will have 3 levels, we will help you decide which level to follow after completing a short quiz. No matter what your current nutrition looks like this 21 day reset will offer many benefits

Open Gym $15 per classFrom $20 per visit with Drop In Fee passNo purchase required to enroll

Workshops/ Events

Weightlifting Workshop $75Purchase required to enroll

Workshop to help increase efficiency in the Olympic Lifts

WOD with your Date $15Purchase required to enroll

Our Date Days are intended for you and your Date to have a fun time while you support one another through your WOD. The work out will be scaled to the appropriate level of each individual so you won't need to have had prior experience. We invite you to come and have a good time!

Boot Camp Free

These 3 classes are FREE and are limited to the first 20 people who register. Come & experience this new class that will become a part of our regular schedule come September.

High School Athletics

Penn Lacrosse Off Season Strength & Conditioning $350 per classPlan available for $350Purchase required to enroll

we look forward to another year working with the Penn Lacrosse team for the off season strength and conditioning program. This program for the 2016- 2017 year runs form September 7th - March 3rd.


Missed Elements "Makeup fee" No purchase required to enroll

Beginners Elements Program $33 per appointmentFrom $34 per visit with Beginner Elements Program - 3 Personal Training Sessions passPurchase required to enroll

Step 1:

Your first step is to set up a FREE one on one session with Nick (E-mail Nick at Nick@crossfit061.com)

At CF061 the FREE Intro is a one hour session that will help you learn more about CrossFit and the “why’s” behind the program. After answering any questions you will be taught some basic movements which will then be structured into a scaled workout that you will complete.

Bring -A- Friend Group Elements Special $80Purchase required to enroll